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The Impact Nurse

Who are our clients you ask? Well, they are mothers, fathers, grandparents, non-traditional, tech savvy...or not so tech savvy, conquerors, passionate, vibrant, English as second language, inhabit various learning styles, determined, first generation college students, transitioning from high school to college, multi-taskers, working individuals, diverse, eager, strong, thoughtful, and many other wonderful things! 

What we know is our clients intentionally seek out the best resources to gain the best advantage at conquering nursing school and their state licensure examinations.  Our clients are from many states all across America and they have intentionally made a conscious decision to join our family.

While there are many NCLEX prep and tutoring businesses to choose from, we are always excited when clients choose a company such as ours that staffs experienced educators and nurse tutors to help them succeed! 

To our clients who have gone on to become professional nurses helping during a crucial time in our society, we SALUTE you and we forever congratulate you on your accomplishment!  

Our Motto: Once an Impact Nurse, Always an Impact Nurse!

Heart & Hands
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