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About the Educator

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Arnitra Lewis-Grant, MSN/Ed, BSN, RN

Professor Lewis-Grant is an experienced registered nurse who has provided care in vast areas of nursing such as administration (Director of Nursing), Long Term Care, Med/Surg Tele, Pre/Post Cath Lab, Neuro ICU, Chest Pain Center, Occupational Health, Nurse Tutor, Nurse Navigator, and Nursing Education. She is an active nurse educator that teaches on all levels of nursing including the LPN, ASN, and Prelicensure BSN levels. She obtained her Associate of Science in Nursing in 2009 from Florida State College at Jacksonville, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2013 from Purdue University Global, and her Master of Science in Nursing/Nurse Educator at Chamberlain University in 2018.


Although she specializes in teaching senior nursing students within NCLEX Preparation and Capstone courses, she has taught Fundamentals of nursing, Nursing Concepts, Health Assessment, Medical-Surgical I, Medical-Surgical II, Advanced Med-Surg,, Leadership, Mental Health, and Pediatrics. Some of her favorite concepts to help students master is Test Taking Strategies, Dosage Calculations, the Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System, Fluids and Electrolytes, Arterial Blood Gases, Endocrine, Understanding EKG and how it relates to cardiac electrical conduction. Her philosophy of teaching is one that understand that individuals learn at different levels. Therefore, she captures all learning styles through engaging the learner through various modalities which in turn helps them to master complex concepts, bridge the gap in learning, and connecting the dots. She also believes that helping individuals understand their performance (Whether in school or post-graduation) through their academic data, is the key to unlocking the barriers to their success. 

She loves to give back to nursing students what she learned over the years. She specializes in active learning strategies, presenting concepts globally to reach various learners, and the ability have students pull concepts forward and connect the dots! She had a nursing professor years ago that inspired her to teach and a former supervisor that sat her down right after she passed her NCLEX and told her to pay it forward! She owes this honor to Nicholas Kalynych, DNP, MSHS, CRNA, ARNP and Professor Jennette Aikens, MSN, RN! She now gives it all back to you!

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