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Study Buddy Service

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Need A Study Buddy?

Having a study buddy offers a chance to share information, providing you an additional level of understanding of not only course materials, but it also allows you to hear and see how others may think offering you a chance to combine knowledge. Chances are, you will hear something that will heighten your knowledge or gain insight into new or current concepts. Learning with our educators through flashcards, Q&A, mnemonics, pictures, and Socratic questioning can deepen your knowledge level. This will allow you to deal with the major concepts in a very specific way and improve your productivity.


Here's how it works...

Impact Nursing Academy offers 1:1 or group sessions in 45 minute increments on specific material submitted by the learner. We will collect data specific to the learner that will assist the educator to best facilitate study material that compliments the learners learning style. The learner will submit concepts, notes, or any other materials needing to be discussed during the session at least 5 days in advance. The learner will then schedule their study buddy session 48 hours in advance. Press the "Contact Us" button below to get started!  



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